Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico
Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico


A base for ointments or skin creams is made by mixing 80% olive oil and 20% beeswax, heating till the substances can be mixed.

To make a marigold ointment for the skin, one makes the oil boil at a small flame for about 20 minutes with the inflorescences, then it is sieved and mixed with the wax.

To make a cream of Saint-John's-wort or mint, the plant are let in a closed jar filled with oil for several weeks, exposed to the sun. In the case of Saint-John's-wort the oil takes over a red colour. After that the oil without the plants is mixed with the wax.

A les cremes s'hi poden afegir olis essencials per l'olor. The Saint-John's-wort ointment is good as a chest balm for the bronchia and to treat wounds. The mint ointment is used to fight headaches.

Essential oils can be added to the ointments for the odour.