Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico
Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico


It can be quite satisfying to eat homemade bread even though the ingredients have been bought. Here I describe the way I usually make bread with fresh yeast, which is sold in baker's shops (and in supermarkets). There are many other recipes, for example with sourdough or with dry yeast. So here I only make suggestions, baking bread can be a very creative process.

Usually I start the process in the evening so that the dough can rise during the night.

I take 3 kg of flour, preferably wholegrain, of wheat or spelt (it can also be rye, the other cereals do not stick well) and 150 g of yeast.

I take a big bowl and put in it 1 kg of lukewarm water and the yeast. I mix with one hand, and during the whole process I use the same hand in the dough and I keep the other hand clean so that I can grab packages and other things. Then I mix in the water a tablespoon of seasalt (which can also be with herbs) and half a cup of olive oil for the taste (what, however, is not necessary).

After that I add half of the flour and I start to knead. By and by I add the rest of the flour, and every time the dough is too dry, I add some more water.

When the dough has a homogeneous consistency, I cover it (not hermetically though, for example with a tissue) and I let it rise until the morning (maybe I knead it once more after some two hours).

In the morning I knead it a while, divide it in three parts, go on kneading each part and shape loaves. I put them in the oven and make them bake for an hour at a high temperature. Afterwards the bread should be done. and if it seems to me that it is not, I leave it in the burning oven for a little while more.

At any moment of kneading, other ingredients can be added, like sunflower seeds, punpkin seeds, sesame or whatever we like. We can also substitue part of the flour by flour of another cereal or a pseudocereal, also carob powder, no more than a third.

The bread I won the prize with in a culinary competition in a party, was made with some 2.5 kg wholegrain spelt flour and about half a kg buckwheat flour.