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Welcome to Gereon Janzing's website

Hello, I am Gereon Janzing. I'm living on Ibiza and I am a cultural anthropologist, geographer and biologist (more exactly: ethnobotanist/ecologist).

On Ibiza there is space for all sorts of people: There are tourists who go to parties. There are hippies. There are peasants with their wisdom from many centuries. There are herdspeople who shape the landscape with their herds. There are great artists of all types, jugglers, storytellers, conjurers and many others. And there are scientists ...

I count myself among these latters. Still I also enjoy contacts with artists and I myself write poetry, and I enjoy contact with peasants, who can teach me a lot of things, especially in practical life. Moreover I am a diver (open water diver).

Here I speak about:

List of some plants on Ibiza, the texts are on the same pages in Catalan, Spanish, German and English, in many cases there are also photos;

Tips for self-sufficiency;

Basic terms of ecology;

Ethnobotany (in twelve languages);

Linguistics (including some aspects of the Catalan language);

Some articles I have published;

Some poems of mine in different languages.

In order to get to the homepage in one of the four languages, you can click on the flag on the left. In order to get from one page to the corresponding page in another language, click on the language name on the right.

(The photo on this page was taken by Amanda Pi Cunningham. The photos on the other pages, if not mentioned otherwise, have been taken by me.)

External links:

Virtual herbary of the Western Mediterranean (in English, Catalan and Spanish)

ABC of medicinal plants (in Spanish)