Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico
Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants play an important role in many cultures. As a consequence of the medicine using more and more chemicals the old knowledge about the medicinal properties and uses of plants is getting lost.

Here come in alphabetical order some medicinal topics treated in this website, mainly with reference to plants from Ibiza. In other places it needs to be modified. Where it says "garlic", it can be wild garlic, on Ibiza we can take the flowers of rosy garlic, in some other place it may be the leaves of bear's garlic.


abscess: fig tree, sage

aging: asparagus, olive tree

AIDS: hemp

alkalization: aloe

anaemia: nettle

antiseptic: lavender

aphrodisiac: hemp, rocket

appetite: prickly juniper, hemp, lemon, chicory, caper bush

apetite reduction: fleawort

arteriosclerosis: garlic

ascorbic acid

astma: lemon tree, calamint, Saint John's-wort, plantain, hemp, tabacco, thorny apple

astringent: brambleplantainquincepimpinel, service tree

atopic dermitis: hemp

atopic eczema: hemp

beriberi: hemp

bile: everlasting, marigold

bleeding: astringent

blood: physalis

blood pressure, high: aloe, garlic, olive tree

blood pressure, low: sage

blood sugar: aloe

breathing system: nasturtium

bronchias: fennel, hemp

burns: aeonium, marigold, plantain, Saint John’s-wort

calcium: milk, goosefoot

catarrh: plantain

cheerfulness: hemp

chemotherapy: hemp

cholera: nettle

cholesterol: aloe, olivepoppy

circulation: almond, hemp

cold: hemp, lemon, pine, rocket, sage

constipation: sage, rosmary, chicory, laurel, garlic, thyme (including headed thyme), aloe, white goosefoot, calamint, hemp, asparagus, fig, fennel, carob, juniper, lemon verbena, castor oil, stinging nettle, fleawort, verbena, purslane

cough: pinepoppy, prickly pear, thyme, headed thyme

cramp: marigold, lemon verbena

depression: hemp, Saint John’s-wort

dermitis, atopic: hemp

diabetes: aloe

diarrhea: astringent

disinfection: garlic

diuretic: hemp, maize, physalis, chicory, caper bush

dummies: opium poppy

eczema: asparagus, marigold

eczema, atopic: hemp

erysipelas: sea squill

eyelid: plantain

eyes: fennel, physalis

furuncle: fig tree

gastric acid: everlasting

gastritis: salad burnet

gingivitis: sage

glaucoma: hemp

gout: hemp

gums: mastic, sage

haemoglobin: nettle

head ache: mint

heart: almond, hemp, oleander, olive, sea squill

hepatitis: hemp, peppermint

herbal tea

high blood pressure: aloe, garlic, olive tree

hoarseness: poppy

IBS: aloe

immunodefence: aloe, thyme, headed thyme

inflammation: astringent

inflammation of the urinary system: arbutus

influenza: lemon, orange, rocket

insect bites: sage

insomnia: lemon tree, orange tree

intestines: hemp

intraocular pressure: hemp


irritable bowel syndrome: aloe

joint: nettle

kidneys: laurel

kidney stones: aloe, lemon

lack of appetite: hemp, lemon

leucocytes: thyme, headed thyme

loss of weight: hemp

low blood pressure: sage

malaria: hemp

menstrual pain: orange tree

menstruation: hemp, sage

metabolism: bladder campion

migrane: hemp, lavender, lemon tree, orange tree, mint

molar ache: lavender

mother's milk: fennel, nettle

mouth: mastic, mint, salad burnet

mucous membrane: pine

multiple sclerosis: hemp

nausea: hemp

nervous system: Saint John’s-wort

nicotine addiction: tobacco

optic nerve: physalis

plague: salad burnet

potassium: goosefoot

prostate: lemon verbena, physalis

provitamin A: physalis

psychosomatic diseases: lavender

respiratory system: see breathing system

rheuma: hemp, Phoenician juniper, prickly juniper, nettle

schizophrenia: thorn-apple


sedativered poppy (stronger and usually not to be recommended: opium),  physalis,  garlic,  topped lavender, lemon tree, lemon balm, orange tree

skin: aloe, asparagus

sleep: sage

soap: olive

spasm: marigold, thorn-apple, lemon tree

spleen: hemp

stomach: hemp

stomach ache: thyme, headed thyme, laurel, lemon verbena, prickly pear cactus, spearmint

sunburnt skin: salad burnet

talkativeness: hemp


throat: salad burnet, thyme, headed thyme

tooth ache: lavender

tooth gums: mastic, sage


tumor: aloe

udder: hemp

urinary system: arbutus, headed germander, nasturtium

urine: everlasting

vitamin A: goosefoot

vitamin B: physalis

vitamin C

vomiting: hemp

wart: fig tree

weight, loss of: hemp

wounds: aeonium, aloe, marigold, plantain, rosemary, Saint John’s-wort, salad burnet