Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico
Gereon Janzing, geobotánico y etnobotánico

Politicians and their missions


Every people, every nation

Every settlement on Earth

Is a source of great creation

Which gives little children birth


Once I met a new-born baby

Lying bleeding on her side

Hit by some machine-gun maybe

And eventually she died


I remembered how my brother

Took his weapons to the war

Where they shot at one another

So I saw him never more


In the meantime politicians

Sit and talk and laugh and eat

For in favor of their missions

Are their subjects on their feet


In the ashes, in the embers

Scores of homeless people lie

Burn their eyes and burn their members

And eventually they die


That is democratic mission

As the lords of war might say

Since for any politician

Tortures are so far away


Let’s stop testing who is tougher

Let’s rebuild what’s been destroyed

Let’s not make each other suffer

Life is here to be enjoyed


Make your rifle grow a flower

And forget what it was for

There’s much more to life than power

There’s much more to life than war


Don’t obey the politicians

We’re not humans to obey

Don’t fulfill the selfish missions

From Iraq and USA


Don’t obey a politician

Who wants war we must avoid

Peace and life shall be our mission

Life is here to be enjoyed


Gereon Janzing